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  Costume :: History & Research
A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, From the Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the Present Time, Vol 2
Joseph Strutt, James Robinson Planché - 1842 - Free Google eBook
A Cyclopaedia of Costume Or Dictionary of Dress, Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent; A general history of costume in Europe Vol II
James Robinson Planché - 1879 - Free Google eBook
A History Of English Dress From The Saxon Period To The Present Day, Volume 1
Published 1893 - Free Google eBook
Fashion: A History from the 18th to the 20th Century by Kyoto Costume Institute
A preview of this book on Google Books- wonderful photos of 18th century costumes.
Heraldry, Historical And Popular
Charles Boutell - 1864 - 547 pages - Free Google eBook
Manage Covers Fancy dresses described or, What to wear at fancy balls
Descriptions and illustrations of various costumes for costumed events. Published in 1887. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
The Book of Costume: Or, Annals of Fashion from the Earliest Period, by a Lady of Rank
Mary Margaret Egerton (countess of Wilton.) - 1846 - Free Google eBook
The Book of Costume: Or, Annals of Fashion: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
1847 - 482 pages - Free Google eBook.
The Pictorial History of England
George Lillie Craik, Charles McFarlane, Hans Claude Hamilton - 1839 - Free Google eBook
10 centuries of millinery with illustrations and color plates. Originally published in 1892, free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
12th and 13th Century Clothing
The Bliaut, images
12th and 13th Century Clothing pt.2
15th Century Costume
Pictures and articles, some instructional
17th Century Stays-History & Making
by Caroline Vincent
17th Century Stuff
Blog on 17th century costume.
1890s Costume Accessories
Hairstyles and Fashion Accessories for 1890's Evening Attire
18th Century Notebook
This website primarily collects links to extant garments from the 18th century for women, men, and children, along with references, patterns, and other useful information.
18th Century Style
This blog is a work in progress. Currently has some fashion plates and photos of 18th century clothing.
A Brush with History
Vintage Hairstyles
A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England Volume 1
Free Google eBook. Originally published 1842.
A Cyclopedia of Costume, or, Dictionary of Dress
Including notices of contemporaneous fashions on the continent: a general chronological history of the costumes of the principal countries of Europe, from the commencement of the Christian era to the accession of George the Third.
By James Robinson Planché, published in 1876. Free to read online, or in downloadable eBook formats.
A Glossary of Terms used for Articles of British Dress and Armour
Published in 1851, available for free on to read online or download in eBook formats.
A History of Costume
By Carl Köhler, published 1930. Includes sixteen plates in colour and about 600 other illustrations and patterns.
Great costume book that every costumer should have, and here it is as a free eBook.
A History of the Dress of the British Soldier: from the earliest period to the present time.
John Luard - 1852 - 171 pages - Free eBook
A Manual of Costume as Illustrated by Monumental Brasses By Herbert Druitt
Free Google ebook with 110 illustrations. Originally published in 1906.
A Manual of Shoemaking and Leather and Rubber Products
Online reprint of a 1912 publication. Covers shoe terms, hides, anatomy of the foot, how shoe styles are made, turned shoes, lasts, old-fashioned shoemaking and repairing, leather and shoemaking terminology, history of footwear.
A Milanese Tailors Handbook
Reproduction of this book from the 1580's. Drawings of tents, costume, masques, coats of arms, designs for flags and how to make them.
A short treatise on boots and shoes, ancient and modern
Lots of historic shoe illustrations.
A Technical History of the Manufacture of Venetian Laces
Descriptions along with photographs of Venetian Lace
A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons
Online reprint of a 1786 book. Illustrated by plates taken from the original armour in the tower of London, and other arsenals, museums, and cabinets.
Alexander Palace
Imperial Russian History. Website for Russian, Romanov and Royal history.
American Clothing
Drawings and commentary of 18th century French, American and English clothing.
An Illustrated Dictionary of words used in Art and Archaeology
Explaining terms frequently used in works on architecture, arms, bronzes, Christian art, colour, costume, decoration, devices, emblems, heraldry, lace, personal ornaments, pottery, painting, sculpture, &etc., with their derivations. Published in 1883, contains lots of illustrations featuring costume, armor, textiles, motifs etc. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
An Illustrated Handbook Of Indian Arms: Being A Classified And Descriptive Catalogue Of The Arms Exhibited At The India Museum: With An Introductory Sketch Of The Military History Of India
Indian Museum, Wilbraham Egerton Egerton (Earl) - 1880 - 162 pages - Free Google eBook
An Illustrated History of Arms and Armour
Auguste Demmin - 1877 - Free Google eBook
An Illustrated History of Arms and Armour from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe
From the age of iron to the 16th century. Online reprint, can read online for free, or download eBook formats.
Ancient Armour And Weapons In Europe: From The Iron Period Of The Northern Nations To The End Of The Thirteenth Century
John Hewitt - 1855 - 387 pages - Free Google eBook
Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe: Supplement, comprising the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries
John Hewitt - 1860 - Free Google eBook
Great drawings. 750 pages.
Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe: The fourteenth century
John Hewitt - 1860 - Free Google eBook
Ancient Aztec Weapon
Ancient Chinese Weapons
Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian and Persian Costumes and Decorations
First published in 1954 includes illustrations. Read free online, or eBook download.
Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, and Persian costumes and Decorations
Descriptions, illustrations, patterns and color plates. 88 pages, originally published 1920 and reproduced online.
Ancient Greek and Roman Costume History
Basic information about early dress from the Greek, Romans, Celts and Saxon. There are also free patterns for creating Roman Togas and Ancient Greek Chiton garments.
Ancient Greek Armour, Shields and Helmets
Ancient Greek Female Costume
112 plates and numerous smaller illustrations.
Ancient History of Costume
Text in French, 142 figures and 8 inset plates including 5 colors published in 1922. Illustrations showing drape of ancient Greek and Roman costumes accompanied by photos showing how the costume is worn.
Ancient Roman Garb Basics
Quick reference guide. Great garb for those hot weather SCA events.
Antique Corset Gallery
Tour though the last 250 years of corsetry and undersupports
Arachne's Web Server (Lacemaking)
16th and early 17 century laces, and lacemaking in the SCA.
Arador Armor Library
Education, information and camaraderie to those in the Internet community with an interest in armour and armour-related subjects
Armour & Weapons
Covering maille and plate as well has horse armor. Read this reprint online for free, or download in eBook formats.
Armour & Weapons by Charles Ffoulkes
Entire book reprinted online
Armour Archive
Starting to Armour, Armour Techniques and Tricks, Armour Construction Essays, Armour Reference Essays
Armour in England: from the earliest times to the reign of James the first: Volume 1
John Starkie Gardner - 1897 - 100 pages - Free Google eBook
Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Paul Lacombe - 1907 - 296 pages - Free Google eBook
Art in Costume Design: Practical design for those interested in Art, Sewing, History and Literature
Edna Mann Shover - 1920 - 150 pages - Free Google eBook
Art in Ornament and Dress
Charles Blanc - 1877 - 274 pages - Free Google eBook
Assembling a "Best Bet" Wardrobe
What are the essential elements of a functional historic wardrobe? This overview helps you decide what you need, and what you don't need.
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010
Athapaskan clothing and related objects in the collections of Field Museum of Natural History
Descriptions, photographs and illustrations.
Austria: Containing a Description of the Manners, Customs, Character and Costumes of the People of that Empire
By Frederic Shoberl, published 1828 with color illustrations. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Bankside Costume-Book
Written and illus. by Melicent Stone, published 1900 for those interested in making Shakespearean costumes easily and cheaply with the appearance of historical accuracy. Online eBook.
Bavarian Folk Costume
Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians
Includes drawings and photos. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Belgian Monarchy History
Belgium was recognised as an independent country in 1830 but the monarchy was established in 1831. Leopold I, prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, took the constitutional oath on 21 July 1831 to become the first King of the Belgians.
Berg Fashion Library
Launching in September 2010, the Berg Fashion Library is a unique new online portal which will offer users fully cross-searchable access to an expanding range of Berg content collections – including the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion online, e-books, reference works, images, and much more.
British Costume during 19 centuries, Civil and Ecclesiastical
Published 1910, free public domain book available free to read online or eBook download.
British Costume: A Complete History of the Dress of the Inhabitants of the British Islands
James Robinson Planché - 1846 - 376 pages - Free eBook with illustrations.
Bulletin de la Societe de L'Histoire du Costume
2 issues available online, printed in French, but include illustrations of historic costume. Originally published 1907-1910.
Burgundian Formal Dress
Women's clothing in late-15th century Northern Europe, particularly Burgundy and Flanders. [PDF]
Bustle Era Hairstyles
A visual overview, year by year, of hairstyles of the bustle era (1870-1889), includes how-to advise.
c1870 Bustle Overskirt
Details and pictures of an antique overskirt.
Casa Imperial
Dedicated to the history of the monarchy in Mexico and the house of Iturbide.
The only site to have the secured the help of the head of the Imperial house of Mexico, Don Maximiliano de Götzen – Iturbide.
Catalogue Of A Loan Exhibition Of Arms And Armor
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), Bashford Dean - 1911 - 85 pages - Free Google eBook
Chas. A. Stevens & Bros., Chicago, fall & winter season 1909-10
Fashion illustrations from a 1909-1910 catalog.
Chats on Costume
by G. Woolliscroft Rhead - first published in 1900. Free eBook on historic costume. Includes illustrations and drawings.
Chinese Costume in the Tang Dynasty
Dynasty 618-907
Chinese dress in the Qing dynasty
Dynasty from 1644-1911
Chronicles of Fashion: From the Time of Elizabeth to the Early Part of the Nineteenth Century in Manners, Amusements, Banquets, Costume, etc. Volume 2
Elizabeth Stone - 1845 - 455 pages Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Cloak Fashion History
Articles and line drawings
Clothes, On and Off the Stage: a History of Dress from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
Published 1928, 292 pages. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Coates Sewing and Dress Making Manual
Originally published in 1912, this manual shows you how to make various types of stitches, pleats, ruffles, buttonholes and seams. Also instructions for making collars, sleeves, and undergarments.
Codex Manesse on-line
An on-line manuscript from early 1300's Germany
Corset Making Materials
Cosmorama: The Manners, Customs, and Costumes of All Nations of the World
Jehoshaphat Aspin - 1834 - 232 pages - Free to read online, or downloadable eBook formats, includes illustrations.
Costume design and dressmaking, Volume 2, Parts 13-23
Fashion Academy, inc - 1921 - Free Google eBook.
Designing from period costumes. Includes costume plates and illustrations.
Costume Design and Illustration
Ethel Traphagen - 1918 - Free eBook
Costume History
by Scott R. Robinson
Costume in England: a History of Dress to the End of the Eighteenth Century
By F. W. Fairholt. 4th edition published 1896. Covers antiquity through 18th century, includes illustrations.
Costume of Colonial Times
Alice Morse Earle - 1894 - 264 pages - Free eBook
Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church: According to Roman Etiquette
John Abel Nainfa - 1909 - 211 pages - Free Google eBook
Costume: Fanciful, Historical, and Theatrical
By Eliza (Davis) Aria, first published in 1906. Free eBook covering early Medieval through the 19th centuries. Includes illustrations and color plates.
Costumes Anciens et Modernes
Ancient and Modern Costumes, published in 1859. Free eBook online. Text in French, gorgeous costume illustrations.
Costumes and Scenery for Amateurs: a practical working handbook
Constance D'Arcy Mackay - 1915 - 258 pages - Free eBook
Costumes de l'Opéra, XVIIe-XVIIIe Siècles
Costumes of the Opera, Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries, published 1883. Lovely costume plates, some in color. Text in French. Free to read online or downloadable eBook format.
Costumes et moeurs de Mexique
Costumes and Customs of Mexico. Text in French with illustrations. Originally published 1830.
Costumes of all Nations
Published 1888, reproduced online. Color illustrations.
Costumes of the Plains Indians
Free eBook originally published in 1915 with patterns, illustrations and photos.
Cotehardie & Houppelande
History, images, patterns
Dag Trygsland Hoelseth
Blog written by a Norwegian historian specialising in royal history. Contains information about the royal families of the world, nobility, and genealogy.
Dame fashion : Paris - London, 1786-1912
Published 1913, includes gorgeous color fashion plates as well as many illustrations of 18th through early 20th century fashions in London and Paris. Free to read online, or in downloadable eBook formats.
Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century
Read this online for free.
During the reigns of Louis XV (1723-74) and Louis XVI (1774-92), fashion and furniture were not simply meant to be beautiful but were also intended to arouse, attract, and seduce. Published in response to the critically acclaimed and hugely popular exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum in the fall of 2004, Dangerous Liaisons focuses on fashion and its interplay with the paintings, furniture, and decorative arts of eighteenth-century France. Featuring beautiful color photographs of the exhibition’s installation, details of the garments, and supplementary historical material, the book demonstrates how the extravagant clothing of the period reiterated the splendor of Rococo and Neoclassical interiors.
Designing Sack coats, Dress Coats and Vests
Intended for the experienced designer and tailor, this book has drafting guides for sack coats, frock coats, vests/waistcoats from 1918.
Designing, Cutting and Grading Boot and Shoe Patterns
and complete manual for the stitching room, by an expert of thirty years.
Published 1899. Book reprinted online at
Dress and Insignia Worn at His Majesty's Court
Issued with the authority of the lord chamberlain.
Illustrated by coloured plates. Court dress of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries England. Published 1921.
Free to read online or in downloadable eBook format.
Dress as a Fine Art
Published 1854 as a how-to descriptive guide. Includes illustrations of mid-19th century clothing and head wear. 143 pages. Free to read online, or downloaded eBook formats.
Dress Design: An Account of Costume for Artists & Dressmakers
Author: Talbot Hughes, 1920. Free eBook covering historical fashions with illustrations prehistoric to 19th century. Includes patterns to scale.
Dress Design; an Account of Costume for Artists & Dressmakers
Covering historical dress from ancient through the nineteenth centuries. Illustrations and patterns to scale.
Talbot Hughes - 1920 - 361 pages - Free Google eBook
Dress Making Reduced to a Science
Dress making guide published in 1886 with instructions on drafting basque and skirt patterns. Free to read online or download eBook formats.
Dress, Blouse, and Costume Cloths; Design and Fabric Manufacture
By Roberts Beaumont and Walter George Hill, 579 pages with over 700 textile illustrations of yarns, woven specimens, and designs. Published 1921. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Dress: as it has been, is, and will be
Isaac Walker - pub. 1885 - 210 pages - Free Google eBook
"This barbarous prevalence of ready made clothing will, however; pass away as years go on"
Dresses and decorations of the Middle Ages from the Seventh to the Seventeenth Centuries Volume 1
by Henry Shaw. Originally published in 1843 - Free eBook.
Dressmaking Research
Focusing on the cut and construction of women's garments. Excerpts containing cutting diagrams, specific construction details and measurements
Dressmaking Research
Images of primary source materials focusing on the cut and construction of women's garments. Excerpts containing cutting diagrams, specific construction details, and measurements featured.
Edwardian Hairstyle Fashion History
Elizabethan Costuming Page
Huge site full of info and links. Research goldmine.
Elizabethan Era
Elizabethan times, life, food, clothing, theater, sports, music, recipes and dictionary of Elizabethan language, words and insults.
Elizabethan Make-up 101
by Drea Leed
Elizabethan Shoes
Information, fashion, boots, and extract from pamphlet by Philip Stubbes regarding Elizabethan shoes dated 1583
Embroidery and Lace: Their Manufacture and History from the Remotest Antiquity to the Present Day
Includes descriptions of techniques and illustrations of various motifs.
Ernest Lefébure - pub.1889 - 326 pages - Free Google eBook
Encyclopaedia Britannica: Armour
English Costume
William I through George IV with black & white and color illustrations.
Dion Clayton Calthrop - 1907 - 463 pages - Free eBook
English Costume and Fashion from the Conquest to the Regency (A.D. 1070-1820)
24 Color Costume Plates, published 1884. Free to view online or downloadable eBook formats.
English Costume from Prehistoric Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
George Clinch - 1910 - 295 pages with illustrations and photos. Free to read online, or downloadable eBook formats.
English costume, Volume 3
16th-17th centuries. Covering Henry VII through Cromwell.
Dion Clayton Calthrop - 1906 - Free Google eBook
European Middle Class in the 1500's
European Royal History
Eurohistory was founded un 1997 as an American alternative to the study of European royal families. The European Royal History Journal (ERHJ) is a publication the study of the royal families of Europe, past and present available by subscription. Also a shop with royal history books, articles, and info about the annual royalty conference.
Extremadura Costume: Women's Festival Dress
First published in 1900. Ten illustrations from photographs in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America. Free eBook.
Fancy Russian Garb
Cultural influences, fabrics, ornamentation.
Fashion Drawing and Design
Published in 1926 it has illustrations of 1920's/Flapper Era fashions. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Fashion for Forty years from 1830 to 1870
Gorgeous color 19th century fashion plates with French text published in 1900.
Fashion in Paris: the various phases of feminine taste and aesthetics from 1797 to 1897
Octave Uzanne -pub. 1898 - 100 color plates and 250 illustrations. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Fashion History, costume history, clothing, fashions and social history
FIDM Museum and Galleries
The FIDM Museum Blog will be dedicated to showcasing selected garments and accessories from our fabulous collection, while also featuring occasional "behind the scenes" glimpses of museum life.
Florentine Dress: 1500-1525
(c)Jennifer Thompson, 2000 - 2009
Footwear of the Middle Ages
History and development of footwear and shoe-making techniques up to the end of the Sixteenth Century.
Foreign Armour in England
Reprinted online from a 1898 publication. Covers armour that originated outside England.
From Queen to Empress: Victorian Dress, 1837–1877
Read this online for free. Complete with paintings, illustrations and photographs. Book is currently out of print, but if you can find a copy it runs around $80.
Gentlemen of Fortune
For all those interested in the Golden Age of Piracy 1690-1725.
The site is dedicated to providing information that will enable the dedicated reenactor or Living Historian to portray the men and women of the period as accurately as possible.
German Colonial Uniforms
Insight into the uniforms of the Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Forces from 1884-1918
Getting Dressed in Edo
Basic traditional Japanese Clothing
Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume: compiled from ancient authorities and example
Free eBook, first published in 1844.
Glossary of Renaissance Dress and Textile Terms
Godey's Lady's Book May, 1851
Project Gutenberg free eBook. Nineteenth century fashion magazine.
Godey's Lady's Book, Volume 42
Free eBook at Project Gutenberg. Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. 42, January, 1851. Nineteenth Century Fashion.
Godey's Lady's Book, Volume 88
Fashion Magazine pub. 1874 - Free Google eBook
Godey's Magazine Vol 12
Louis Antoine Godey, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale - 1836 - Free Google eBook
Fashion magazine.
Godey's Magazine Volume 134
Fashion Magazine from 1897
Louis Antoine Godey, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale - 1897 - Free Google eBook
Grand edition of Supreme system for producing men's garments
Men's tailoring guide from 1907, fully illustrated.
Greek Costume through the Centuries
Greek Dress: A Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient Greece, from Pre-Hellenic to the Hellenistic Age
Ethel Beatrice Abrahams - 1908 - 134 pages - Free to read online of downloadable eBook formats.
Greenberg and Hammer
Blog resource for sewing, costumes and notions. This website is meant to be a resource for notions and dressmakers supplies to theatre and wardrobe rooms, department stores, costume shops, home sewers, dry cleaners, dressmakers, institutions, designers, tailors…. and you!
Handbook of Arms and Armor: European and Oriental
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.),- 1915 - 161 pages reprinted online or available as downloadable eBook. Depicts history of armor including illustrations.
Harpers Bazar 1890's
Images with details and pattern sheets
Hats from History
Historical Hats blog. Lots of pictures.
Having a Fit
Customizing a dress bodice is a necessary skill. With just a few methods, you can improve any dress and create a base for future projects.
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2004
Heroic Armor of the Italian Renaissance: Filippo Negroli and his Contemporaries
Read the book online for free from Google books.
Histoire des Modes Françaises, ou, Révolutions du Costume en France
History of French Fashion, or, Revolutions in Costumes of France; Published 1773. Text in French. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Historic Dress in America, 1607-1800
Elisabeth McClellan - 1904 - 407 pages -includes illustrations and color plates. Free to read online, or downloadable eBook formats.
Historic dress in America, 1800-1870
Includes illustrations.
Elisabeth McClellan - 1910 - 458 pages - Free eBook in various formats and read online.
Historical Album of Religious Costumes
Published 1869, text in French with lots of illustrations of Christian religious costume. Free to read online, or in downloadable eBook formats.
Historical Fashion Blog
Blog with lots of pictures of historic fashion and textiles.
History of Arms and Armour
From the stone age to the present
History of British Costume
James Robinson Planché originally published in 1836 - 376 pages. Illustrated, free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
History of Costume (Geschichte des Kostüms)
18th and 19th century black &white and color fashion plates with historical and explanatory text in German.
History of Costume in France since the earliest times until the late eighteenth century
Published 1875, 680 pages. Text in French with illustrations. Note: illustrations do not all show up in the online readable copy, but do in the pdf copy. Free downloadable eBook formats.
History of Costume in Theater since the Origins of Theater in France to this day
Published 1880 in French, with illustrations. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
History of Lace
Reprinted online from a 1902 publication complete with 266 illustrations/photographs.
History of Medieval Armor and Weapons
Brief article with links to related articles
History of Medieval Fashion
History of Russian Costume from the Eleventh to the Twentieth Century
Read online for free from Google books. Great photographs.
History of the Costume of Henry Tudor 1500-1550
History of the Elizabethan Corset
by Drea Leed
Home Dressmaking and the Art of Good Dressing
How-to dressmaking booklet published in 1890. Covers working with different fabrics. Free to read online or download.
Hurstwic: Viking Age Arms and Armor
A series of interlinked articles summarizes what is known about the weapons and speculates about how the weapons might have been used
Il Costume
Text in Italian, but has some great color plates depicting costume, hair, headwear, & medals from the 18th century.
Giulio Ferrario - 1831 - Free Google eBook
Illustrated catalgoue no. 10 of Knights of Pythias
The Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization and secret society founded at Washington, DC, on 19 February 1864. Catalog of ceremonial gear published in 1895 with illustrations of helmets, swords, axes, belts, ornament, wigs, sashes, spears, sandals, crowns, scepters, caps, costumes, armor, badges, etc. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Images of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
India Fashion
Articles about traditional and modern fashions. Abhas, Bindis, Choli, Dupatta, Batik, and other subjects
Indian trade ornaments in the collections of Field Museum of Natural History
Descriptions and photographs of ornaments traded to Indians in the Great Lakes area in the latter 18th and early 19th centuries.
Instruction book for Drafting and Cutting Dresses, Basques, Sacks, Coats, etc
Published in 1885, this book is for fashions of the time: 19th century. Free from to read online or download in eBook formats.
Instructive Costume Design
Emil Alvin Hartman - 1922 - 160 pages - Free Google eBook
Japanese Costume
By Helen Cowen Gunsaulus. First published in 1923. Free eBook with illustrations.
Harold Clifford Smith - 1908 - 409 pages - Free Google eBook
Illustrations and photographs of ornament and jewelry from ancient times through the 19th century.
Kent State University Costume Collection
The Kent State Costume Museum collection is now online! Historic fashions from the 18th through 20th century.
Knights and Armor
History of Knights, Armor, Weapons, Heraldry
La cotte simple
An exploration of clothing and accessories of the late 14th and early 15th centuries
Lace in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design
Beautiful examples of lace from the 1600's through 1900's.
Lara's History of the Corset Pages
Research the history of corsetry.
Late 17th Century Clothing History
Historical resources, Baroque costumes, Military history, Period Galleries
Late Period Outerwear
Le Costume civil in France du XIIIe au XIXe siècle
The Costume in France from the Thirteenth to the Nineteenth century. Text in French, lots of illustrations and photographs. Published 1900. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Le costume en France
Text in French, but great illustrations for research. Free eBook, first published in 1890.
Le costume en Provence
Costume 1830-1914, text in French. Illustrated.
Le Costume Historique
Pg 259-270 has some patterns and drawings. Text of book in French.
Auguste Racinet - 1888 - Free Google eBook
Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873
The costumes of Turkey in 1873. text in French with photographs. Published 1873. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Mad Monarchist
Blog about monarchs, monarchism and monarchists of the world. Articles, videos and images.
Male character costumes, a guide to gentlemen's costume suitable for fancy dress balls
Descriptions and illustrations. Published 1884 - Free Google eBook
Manners and Movements in Costume Plays
Free eBook first published in 1900. How to wear and move in historical costumes. Great for proper posing and movement in garb.
Manners, Customs and Costumes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Plenty of illustrations, text in French.
Published 1878 - 675 pages - Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Manners, Customs, and Dress During the Middle Ages, and During the Renaissance Period
1876 - 554 pages text and illustrations. Free to read online at or download in eBook formats.
Mao Suit
Chinese dress 1700's-1990's
Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide
Secrets, rumors and scandals whispered throughout the age of Louis XVI. Also covers 18th century fashion and women with lots of images.
Masquerade and Carnival: Their Customs and Costumes
Published in 1892 by The Butterick publishing co. full of great illustrations.
Matilda la Zouche's Wardrobe
15th century reproductions with patterns
McIan's Costumes of the Clans of Scotland: Seventy-four Coloured Illustrations
1899 - 343 pages - Free Google eBook
Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture
Excellent research site
Medieval Clothing Pages
Articles and essays of interest to costumers
Medieval Fashion
History, dresses, peasant dress, hairstyles, chain mail and armor
Metropolitan Jewelry
Read online for free.
This beautiful volume takes readers on a very special tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, highlighting wonderful pieces of jewelry from ancient and modern cultures in every part of the world. Of special interest are the fabulous objects that appear in paintings and other works of art. Jewel-studded gowns; glittering Renaissance brooches; an Egyptian beaded collar; a portrait of Saint Eligius, patron saint of goldsmiths, as he weighs a gold wedding band; and a portrait of Empress Eugénie wearing her famous pearls are among the featured works from the Museum's vast collections. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets abound in this lively book, but also included are objects of religious significance, military honors, and other kinds of personal decoration. The jewelry pieces that survive offer a magical sense of the people who wore them and of the world they inhabited. The captions relate anecdotes concerning the artists and wearers and describe the history and style of the jewelry pictured. Art historians, jewelry makers, graphic and theatrical designers, and anyone who wears, collects, or admires magnificent jewelry will be fascinated by the sumptuous array in this book.
Mexican Indigenous Textiles Project
Dedicated to conserving the indigenous textile memory of Mexico, presented village by village the type of traditional dress in use, village life and environment. Textile designs and patterns.
Middle Ages Weapons
History, descriptions, pictures and drawings
Middle Class Elizabethan Clothing
(c)Jane Stockton, 2005
Middle Eastern Clothing
Costumes of the Levant
Militaria & Military Photos
Various descriptions and photos of military costume around the world.
Originally published in 1922, covers various properties of hat materials and trimmings. Free to read online or download.
Mode Historique
Photos, research and online tutorials primarily 16th-18th century
Modes & Manners of the Nineteenth Century, as represented in the pictures and engravings of the time; Volume I
v. 1. 1790-1817, published 1909. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Modes & Manners of the Nineteenth Century, as represented in the pictures and engravings of the time; Volume II
v. 2. 1818-1842, published 1909. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Modes & Manners of the Nineteenth Century, as represented in the pictures and engravings of the time; Volume III
v. 3. 1843-1878, published 1909. Free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
Monumental brasses and slabs: an historical and descriptive notice of the incised monumental memorials of the Middle Ages : with numerous illustrations
Charles Boutell - 1847 - 235 pages - Free Google eBook. Includes illustrations of various ornament.
National Costumes
Wikipedia entries
Native American Clothing & Regalia
Info and pictures
Notes on civil costume in England from the Conquest to the Regency Notes on civil costume in England from the Conquest to the Regency.
Includes some color plates.
Lewis Strange Wingfield (hon.) - 1884 - Free eBook
Online Medieval and Classical Library
A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization
Oriental Costumes: Their Designs and Colors
By Max Tilke, 1922. Free eBook of drawings and photgraphs.
Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress
Gorgeous photographs in this free to read online book. Lots of 18th century and so much more. Shows the influence of Asian styles in Western dress over the centuries.
Origin and Early History of the Fashion Plate
Author:John L Nevinson, 1967. Free eBook with historical fashion plates.

Ottoman & Turkish Dress
Overview, Gear,and Official and Civilian Costume
Our New Clothes: Acquisitions of the 1990s
A great free online book showing photographs of costumes.
An impressive array of clothing, accessories, and library materials was acquired through gift and purchase during the 1990s by The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Adding substantially to its comprehensive collection gathered over fifty-five years, the costumes span three centuries, beginning with a magnificent and rare silk damask brocaded English mantua of 1708 and including a wide-ranging selection such as a luxuriously embroidered and sequinned French man's ensemble of about 1765. a sparkling Agnès Drécoll robe en pannier of 1912, a beautiful Charles James wedding gown of 1940, and a slinky gold-tone metal mesh Gianni Versace evening gown of 1997–98.
The "new" clothes are presented in six chapters. In "A History of Fashion" a mini view of three centuries of clothing vividly attests to the breadth of collecting achieved by The Costume Institute during the past decade.
Palais du costume: le costume en Egypte
Costume of Egypt. Text in French, but there are pictures of surviving textile fragments showing patterning and motifs for research purposes.
People Ancient and Modern: The Costume, Weapons, Jewelry, Ceramics, Utensils, Tools
Published 1896, text in French, 240 leaves of plates, lots of illustrations of Historic Costume. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Peruvian fabrics
Weaves and patterns of Peruvian fabric with photos and illustrations.
Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the Austrians
Illustrated in fifty coloured engravings, with descriptions. Published 1814. Read online or free downloadable eBook formats.
Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the Chinese
Illustrated in fifty coloured engravings, with descriptions. By William Alexander.
Published 1814. Read for free online of downloadable eBook formats.
Polish Costume of the 17th century
Pictures, patterns, costume details and domestic items.
Portraits of the Eighteenth Century: Historic and Literary, Volumes 1-2
Primitive American Armor
Descriptions and photographs of Native American armor.
Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Uploaded
Search and browse the wardrobe accounts of Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Uploaded holds the transcribed contents of MS Egerton 2806: The complete record of what Queen Elizabeth's tailors made, altered and bought between the years 1568 and 1588.
Leed, Drea. Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Uploaded. ©2011
Real Life in London, Volumes I & II
Author: Pierce Egan. Published in 1905. Free eBook with color illustrations.
Reconstructing History
Articles on beginner tips, Medieval, Georgian and Baroque, Tudor, Elizabethan, Irish, Japanese costume. Also the Golden age of Piracy if you want to research doing and accurate historic pirate outfit.
Regency Fashion
Replica Prop Forum
Forum for the discussion of props, replica costumes, and general modeling
Riveted Maille
Copyright 2007 Forth Armoury
Roman Costume
Rosalie's Medieval Woman
Website about the medieval woman: what she wears and why, how to be beautiful according to medieval standards, her personal hygiene and a little about a MEDIEVAL WOMAN'S LIFE- celebrations and the customs associated with key events in her life- births, deaths, marriages, employment, education, pets and how she spent her days at home and on holidays.
Royal and Historic Gloves and Shoes
History with descriptions, illustrations and photographs. Originally published 1904. Free to read online or download of various eBook formats.
Russian Festivals and Costumes for Pageant and Dance
Louis Harvy Chalif - 1921 - 176 pages - Free Google eBook with photographs.
Samurai Weapons
Samurai Weapons, Armors, and the Samurai way of life
Saya Espanola
Images and information concerning late 16th century Spanish Court Dress for Women.
SCA Rapier garb-from Fighting to Feasting
by Lady Bella Lucia da Verona ( Anabella Wake)
Select historical costumes compiled from the most reliable sources
Published 1868. Color costume plates. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
Seven Centuries of Lace
History, glossary, types of lace, and 120 full page photos.
Shakespearian Costumes
Originally published 1892. Free eBook with fantastic illustrations. Yes, the title is spelled that way rather than Shakespearean.
Singer Instructions for Art Embroidery
Reprinted online from a 1911 publication showing examples of embroidery that can be done on a sewing machine.
Solemates: The Century in Shoes
20th century shoes. Research and images
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Historical Clothing from Archaeological Finds
Spanish Arms and Armour, being a Historical and Descriptive Account of the Royal Armoury of Madrid
Free online reprint of a 1907 book including 386 illustrations.
Spanish Farthingale Page
History of the Farthingale (including Juan Alcega's pattern layout and description), Materials Used in a Farthingale, Making Juan Alcega's 1589 Farthingale
Steampunk Fashion
Live Journal blog/forum on Steampunk Fashion. What Steampunk is, Steampunk Style for beginners and Steampunk History are among some of the topics.
Teffania's Garb
12th century costuming
Textiles and Costume Design
Egyptian through 1900. Evelyn Peters Ellsworth - 1917. Free eBook.
The "Keystone" Jacket and Dress Cutter
A treatise on jackets, dresses and other garments for women. Published in 1895, includes tailoring and dress making instructions. Free to read online or download.
The 14th century
Some costumes and their contruction
The 18th Century; Its Institutions, Customs, and Costumes
France 1700-1789. By Paul Lacroix. 351 illustrations, 489 pages, published 1875. Free online or downloadable eBook.
The Age of Napoleon : Costume from Revolution to Empire 1789-1815
Entire book you can read for free online, complete with illustrations and photographs. Great free resource.
The Armourer and his Craft from the 11th to the 16th century
Online reprint of a 1912 publication. 199 p.32 leaves of plates.
The Art of Chivalry: European Arms and Armor from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Read the entire book online for free. Complete with illustrations and photographs.
The Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance
P. L. Jacob, 1870,520 pages. Free to read online, or downloadable eBook formats.
The Ceaseless Century: 300 Years of Eighteenth-century Costume
Read the entire book for free online. Great photographs for research.
The Corset and the Crinoline
A historical look at corsets and crinolines with illustrations. Originally published in 1868. Free to read online or in various eBook formats.
The Costume of China illustrated in forty-eight coloured engravings
By William Alexander,published 1805. Free eBook
The Costume of the Ancients Volume 1
Author Thomas Hope, published 1812.
The Costume of the Ancients Volume 2
Author Thomas Hope, published 1875. 321 plates.
The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes
Research, reference images, and any "making of" tips
The Defensive Armour and the Weapons and Engines of War of Mediæval Times: And of the "Renaissance."
Robert Coltman Clephan - 1900 - 237 pages - Free Google eBook
The Designer
Great Victorian fashion plates from The Standard Fashion Company fashion magazine depicting available patterns, adverts and designs with articles of the time. This is a fantastic Victorian era publication.
pub. 1905 - Free Google eBook
The Etiquette of Men's Dress
Published in 1888, this guide instructs the proper Victorian gentleman how to dress for various activities.
The Evolution of Dress Fastening Devices from the Bone Pin to the Koh-i-noor
Hebert Manchester, Waldes & Co., Inc - 1922 - 22 pages - Free Google eBook
The Evolution of Fashion
Author: Florence Mary Gardiner. Free eBook at Project Gutenberg. Originally published 1897.
The Fashion: People and Fashions in the Eighteenth Century
German text with pictures and engravings of 18th century clothing, some in color. 258 pages, free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
The Frenchwoman of the Century Fashions - Manners - Usages
Descriptions and illustrations of fashions during the late 18th through the 19th century. Published in 1886, available for free online in various eBook formats.
The Gazette of Fashion: Cutting Room Companion
Minister and co, ltd - 1868 - Free Google eBook. Fashion plates and Patterns.
The Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, A.D. 843–1261
Read online for free, or download in pdf form. Book has illustrations and color plates helpful for researching the Byzantine era.
The Gobi Home Companion
PDF with information on Mongolian dress, including free patterns
The Handbook of Point Lace
Illustrations and descriptions of 34 different types of point lace.
The Heritage of Dress: being notes on the History and Evolution of Clothes
Wilfred Mark Webb - 1907 - 393 pages, many illustrations of hats, hair, stockings, footwear, frock coats, ornament and more. - Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
The History of Dress; Being Notes on the History and Evolution of Clothes
Wilfred Mark Webb - 1907 - 393 pages - Free Google eBook
The History of Fashion in France
The dress of women from the Gallo-Roman period to the present time by Augustin Challamel, 1882 - 293 pages - Free eBook
The History of the Art of Cutting in England : A sketch of the History of English Costumes
History of tailoring and various tailoring methods described and illustrated. Published in 1887, free to read online, or in downloadable eBook formats.
The Imperial Style: Fashions of the Hapsburg Era
Read the book online for free from Google books.
The influence of Ottoman Turkish textiles and costume in Eastern Europe, with particular reference to Hungary
Published 1982 by Royal Ontario Museum. English text, illustrations and photographs. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
The Lace Dictionary
Lace terminology and descriptions with illustrations.
The Manchu Dragon: Costumes of the Ch'ing Dynasty, 1644–1912
Read this for free online at Google Books.
The Medieval Tailor
14th century English and French women's clothing
The Military costume of Turkey: Illustrated by a series of engravings, from drawings
Color plates with descriptions.
John Heaviside Clark - 1818 - 78 pages - Free Google eBook
The Ottomans
Information, articles, pictures for the study of the Ottoman Empire
The Perfect Dress Fitter
Complete instructions & drafting patterns in the art of cutting all kinds of garments, published in 1890 as a modern dress making and tailoring guide.
The Psychology of Dress
Covering Medieval to early 20th century dress with illustrations. Published in 1920, available free to read online or downloadable eBook formats.
The Quaker: A Study in Costume
Amelia Mott Gummere - 1901 - 232 pages - Free Google eBook
The Realm of Venus
Articles on fashion and style in Renaissance Italy
The Roman Empire
The Romance of the Shoe: being the History of Shoemaking in all ages, and especially in England and Scotland
History of shoes including illustrations and photos of historic shoes. Originally published in 1922, book available free online or for download.
The Stage Costume in Antiquity, Medieval and Modern Era
Text in German with illustrations, published in 1921. Free to read online or in downloadable eBook formats.
The Textile Manufactures and the Costumes of the People of India
By J. Forbes Watson, Published 1866. Online free eBook with drawings and photographs.
The True Cost of Accuracy
How much does it really cost to dress accurately? This article may surprise you. © Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010
The Wearing of Hats
Fashion history
The World of Fashion and Continental Feuilletons
446 pages. This is Volume XIII of this periodical for January to December of 1836. Beautiful color fashion plates of dresses and gowns from the 19th century.
Timeline of Costume History
With images
Trim Layouts for Doublets
Turkish womenss tradional and bridalwear
Twelve designs for the Costume of Shakespeare's Richard the Third
Charles F. Tomkins, James Robinson Planché - 1830 - Free Google eBook
Two centuries of costume in America, (1620-1820, Volume 2
Alice Morse Earle - 1903 - 824 pages - Free eBook
Two Centuries of Costume in America, Vol. 1 (1620-1820)
Author: Alice Morse Earle, 1903. Free eBook
Uniform and dress of the Army of the Confederate States
Published in 1861. Contains fifteen large lithographs of soldiers standing in landscapes, showing generals and other staff officers, all ranks of cavalry, artillery and infantry, their swords, rifles, drum and bugle, their tunics, trousers, hats and overcoats, plus buttons, badges and chevrons.
Unmentionables: 250 Years of Underwear
Featuring exhibits of corsets, stays, hoops, bustles, chemises, petticoats, bloomers, bust bodices/ enhancers, teddies, knickers, brassieres, falsies, girdles, panties, garters, stockings, slips and lingerie.
Victorian Fashion
Gallery and forum about Victorian fashion. Skirts, dresses, blouses, corsets and others on deviantART
Viking Embroidery Stitches and Motifs
Historical Military costume plates
Württemberg State Museum
Located in Stuttgart, Germany. Textile collections shows fashions from the 18th through 20th century. Also fashion accessories such as collars, gloves, trays and bags, in the fashion of the past three centuries.
A particular focus of this "fashion show" is the gorgeous clothes from the second half of the 18th Century, worn by the nobility at the royal courts.
Weapons in ancient Egypt
Women's Costume in Early Ontario
Costume from 1784-1867. Short booklet with drawings and photographs of women's costume.

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