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  Costuming Sources :: Ornament, Metalwork & Findings
Camelot Enterprises
Feather hats, wings, masks, capes, cloaks, collars and fans.
Clip Clocks
Clip on clocks disguised as period brooches. What a great idea to stay stay anachronistically correct! She even has Star Trek insignia and SF & Fantasy disguised clocks.
Crafty Fox Artworks
Crowns, coronets, circlets, filets and jewelry
Custom Rhinestone Transfers
D&O Celtic Jewelry
3D printed Celtic jewelry. Materials available are stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, brass and bronze. Custom designs available.
Dancing Sun Crystals
Swarovski lead and unleaded crystal prisms, pendants and beads.
Viking and Medieval historic jewelry replicas handmade in the UK. Check out their gallery for examples of some of their custom work.
Drachenstein's Treasures
Fine jewelry, decorative metalwork and those hard to find items that will make your garb or costume complete. Beautiful workmanship.
Medieval and gothic jewelry: rings, necklaces, headdresses, earrings. Also some clothing.
Dragon's Treasure
Bronze and sterling fantasy and historical jewelry. Lovely cloak clasps and bodice lacers.
Dragonweave Jewelry
Sterling silver, leather, pewter, and steel jewelry in Celtic, Asian, Gothic, Egyptian, Steampunk and Fantasy designs.
Viking jewelry from a danish casting jeweler. Pendants, rings, brooches, belt buckles and fittings. Great for re-enactment. Based on archeological findings and own design.
Empyrean Beads
Enchanted Jewelry
Metaphysical and fantasy jewelry and gifts
English Relics
Jewelry and accessories made with genuine Roman, Viking, Medieval and Tudor antiquities found in Britain
Fettered Cock Pewters
Belts and belt fittings, fine jewelry in silver and gold, dress accessories, reproduction Pilgrim Signs and Badges, hangers, buttons, Collars of Estate.
Fyre & Ice Chainmaille
Metal fashions from the exotic to the chaotic. Chainmaille necklaces, bracelets, and headpieces.
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Jewelry and metalwork in ancient and medieval styles, using the methods and materials of the past
Handmade Historical reproduction and Inspired Jewellery. Expensive.
Gryphons Moon
Celtic and Pagan jewelry, circlets, crowns, masks.
Handmade Bronze
Bronze masks, Satyre Horns, Goblets, Hair Pieces, Jewelry.
Historic Delights
Handcrafted jewelry designs
of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
Illusion Jewels
Vintage costume jewelry, Renaissance jewelry
Circlets and bracelets
Jell Dragon
Viking/Norse Jewelry, cloak pins and belt fittings. The Norse chains & pendants are works of art, expensive.
Jewelry by Da'oud
Original jewelry, finger gauntlets.
Jewelry Prop Shop
Professional jewelers who make jewelry for props and costumes. Custom work only.
Jorgen Craft
Viking reenactment custom made items. Weapons, tools, accessories, jewelry and clothing.
Margaret Duffy Design
Jewelry with historical roots
Medieval Merchant
Cloak clasps, aglets, replica medieval coins, crowns and circlets.
Silver, base metal, tools and books for metalwork
Military Metalwork
Handmade reproduction historical accoutrements, regalia, headdress and decorative metalwork of the 18th century, Napoleonic and Victorian wars.
Museum Reproductions
Creates jewelry under license
from museums all over the world.
Objects and ornaments made on commission.
Oliver Irving
Custom handcrafted crowns and scepters.
Online Metals
Need small quantities of sheet metal, tubing, or plastics for your creations? You can find it here.
Parrish Relics
Period reproduction Jewelry
Precious Plunder
Circlets,hairpins, bracelets,chokers. Made with Gem or crystal beads. Sterling and 14K available by special order.
Raymond's Quiet Press
Metal castings. Jewelry, Chatelaines, Torcs, Belt tips, fittings, buckles, clasps, broaches, arm rings, Hook Tags for leg wraps, keys, pins, helms, drinking horns and more. Viking, Roman, Celtic, Frankish, Goth, Saxon, Norman/Crusader, Middle Ages: 12th - 17th, Medieval Persian, Mongol, Scythian & Seljek, and SCA Adornments.
Sapphire & Sage
Specialist in Period-authentic Jewelry & Accessory Design
Sparkle Rhinestones
Rhinestones and Rhinestuds.
Celtic, Medieval, Historical, and Gothic jewelry. Historical Replica Weapons and Helms.
Springtime Creations
Specializing in Science Fiction and Fantasy Jewelry
That Guys Products
Steel arming masks, gorgets, and goggles.
The Hollywood Collection
Reproductions of Cinematic Jewels from Legendary Films.
The Ring Lord
Scalemail, Chainmail, & jewelry supplies and armor kits. Rings in just about every metal and finish you could want. Tools, findings, beads, clasps. Enamelled Copper Chain in a variety of colors. Chain made of: fine silver, sterling, yellow gold filled, stainless, bronze, brass, aluminum, plated iron in various finishes, titanium. Wire in various finishes and metals. Good for steampunk creations too. Also has instructions and a forum for the do-it-yourselfers.
Tribal Eye
Beads and jewelry dating from antiquity to the present and specializing in the tribal
Tudor Jewels
Tudor jewelry replicas
Tudor Shoppe
Circlets,orders and medals, pendants,pins and brooches.
Unique Jewelry
Heraldic engraving, signet rings, seals, period style jewelry.
Vault of Valhalla
Celtic, Norse and Viking jewelry
Victorian Elegance
Woven Creations
Chainmail bracelets, chokers, earrings, pendants in titanium, silver and gold designs. Limited edition steampunk jewelry and Do it Yourself kits.
Celtic and Renaissance Wedding Rings and jewelry.

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